Virtual Yoni Egg Class

Virtual Yoni Egg Class



May 31, 2018 and June 14, 2018 at 5pm PST


This powerful, fun, and sexy activation will be hosted online via Zoom Video Conference.

Those who can't attend live will have fast and lifetime access to the replay recordings!​


$157 (not including Keggel Yoni Egg Starter Kit)

$197 (including Keggel Yoni Egg Starter Kit) 


Women of all walks, ages, and locations who are ready to begin a powerful and effective yoni egg practice. This is designed for beginners, so there's no need to worry about where you currently are on your path of sensual evolution.


♥︎ History of the of the Yoni Egg practice.

♥︎ Yoni Egg healing and sexual benefits.

♥︎ Health, Hygiene and Safety with Your Egg

♥︎ Insertion, Cleansing and Removal of Your Egg.

♥︎ Vaginal exercises for strengthening, tightening, toning, and maintaining juicy and vibrant vaginal health.

♥︎ Techniques to become aware of AND activate your six vaginal muscles for powerful pleasure and healing.

♥︎ How to awaken your sensuality, creativity, passion and libido through regular practice.

♥︎ How to create stronger orgasms and control sexual sensations, enabling you to direct them to all areas of your body.

♥︎ Yoni Egg Breathing and Visualization Techniques


    Private Access to the 2-week Event!

    This activation will take place over a 2-week time frame and each call will be around 90-120 minutes. In between calls, you'll have access to me for any questions, celebrations, and epiphanies that come up!

    A Private 1-1 follow up call (20 mins)

    We'll use this time to personally see how your practice is flowing, to help with any stuck issues, and to help you deepen your practice powerfully

    PDF and Audio Exercises

    These exercises and techniques will be for activating your body's natural healing abilities, strengthening your sensation and vaginal dexterity, healing womb imbalances; growing your Primal Sex Energy; and enhancing your orgasmic ability and experiences 


    Some of Tabitha's education and 13 years of healing experience includes: 

    ❤Licensed Massage Therapist; Specializing in Chronic Pain and Alignment Resolution 

    ❤Certified Rehab Yoga Therapist; Specializing in Yoga as a tool to regain Balance, Function, and Healing in Pain patterns and Misalignment without creating more Dysfunction

    ❤Certified Tantric Therapist; Specializing in the Art of applying Sensual and Sexual Energy and Experiences for Healing, Manifestation, Pleasure, and Shameless Self-ownership

    ❤Certified Sensual Healing Therapist and Goddess Gemstone Egg Practitioner; Specializing in using Dragon Gemstone Eggs for reawakening Pussy Power and Pussy Pleasure!

    ❤Primal Pleasure Activator; Specializing in teaching powerful self-reflection and self healing skills to allow for deep & intimate relationship Connection, Rejuvenation, and Creation through a powerful integration of healing techniques, communication skills, and transformational tools acquired through many years of coaching, self-study, and various spiritual exploration into shamanism, ritual ceremony, and ancient practices. 

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