Chakra Mastery Yoni Egg Set

Chakra Mastery Yoni Egg Set

This exclusive, limited-time set includes seven different flawless yoni eggs, each a different semi-precious gemstone that resonates with it's corresponding chakra. This set is ideal for those serious about the yoni egg practice as a method for mindfulness, meditation, yoga, and holistic health. This is the ultimate toolkit for sexual healing, awakening, and empowerment. The eggs are intended to be used in order, from largest to smallest, starting with the Black Obsidian 55mm egg to clear the root chakra, and ending with the Opalite 25mm egg to clear the crown chakra. As you progress in your practice, moving through the chakras, you will learn to control and manipulate the smaller and smaller sized eggs. 

This Comprehensive Package Includes:


Black Obsidian 55mm Yoni Egg : The Root Chakra 

Rose Quartz 45mm Yoni Egg : The Sex Chakra

Tiger's Eye 45mm Yoni Egg: The Solar Plexus Chakra

Jade 40mm Yoni Egg: The Heart Chakra

Lapis Lazuli 30mm Yoni Egg: The Throat Chakra

Purple Amethyst 30mm Yoni Egg: The Third Eye Chakra

Opalite 20mm Yoni Egg: The Crown Chakra


Luxurious Jewelry Box

Seven Black Satin Bags for Each of The Yoni Eggs

10mL Organic French Lavender Oil for Sterilizing the Yoni Eggs

100ft of Organic Black Hemp for Stringing the Eggs 

24-Page Instruction Manual For Yoni Egg Practice

Free E-Book

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