Before Use

Every time ​before ​using your keggel, it needs to be sterilized.
Bring filtered water to boil on the stove, and then turn off the heat. Let it cool for a few minutes, and then place your yoni egg in the hot 
water, and leave it in for at least ten minutes.

Make sure your egg is suspended to avoid scalding against the side of the pot. An easy way to do this is to tie your egg to the end of long spoon and let it dangle in the water.

DO NOT ​boil your egg, as it may damage some of the properties of the stone.
Change the string you use every time you use your yoni egg, or eliminate the string entirely once you feel comfortable to do so.

If you want to add essential oil to the water, lavender or rose are excellent choices.

After Use

After use, rinse the egg in hot water. Clean the hole of the egg. Let it dry, and then place your egg back in its container.