Where:  This powerful, fun, and sexy activation will be hosted online via Zoom Video Conference.

When: (Two Classes Included) May 31, 2018 at 5pm & June 14, 2018 at 5pm 

Those who can't attend live will have fast and lifetime access to the replay recordings!


$160 (not including Keggel Yoni Egg Starter Kit)

$180 (including Keggel Yoni Egg Starter Kit) 


Women of all walks, ages, and locations who are ready to begin a powerful and effective yoni egg practice. This is designed for beginners, so there's no need to worry about where you currently are on your path of sensual evolution.


    • History of the of the Yoni Egg practice.

    • Yoni Egg healing and sexual benefits.

    • Health, Hygiene and Safety with Your Dragon Gemstone Egg

    • Insertion, Cleansing and Removal of Your Egg.

    • Vaginal exercises for strengthening, tightening, toning, and maintaining juicy and vibrant vaginal health.

    • Techniques to become aware of AND activate your six vaginal muscles for powerful pleasure and healing.

    • How to awaken your sensuality, creativity, passion and libido through regular practice.

    • How to create stronger orgasms and control sexual sensations, enabling you to direct them to all areas of your body.

    • Dragon Gemstone Egg Breathing and Visualization Techniques



Private Access to the 2-week Event!

  • This activation will take place over a 2-week time frame and each call will be around 90-120 minutes. In between calls, you'll have access to me for any questions, celebrations, and epiphanies that come up!

A Private 1-1 follow up call (20 mins)

  • We'll use this time to personally see how your practice is flowing, to help with any stuck issues, and to help you deepen your practice powerfully

PDF and Audio Exercises

  • These exercises and techniques will be for activating your body's natural healing abilities, strengthening your sensation and vaginal dexterity, healing womb imbalances; growing your Primal Sex Energy; and enhancing your orgasmic ability and experiences