Focus and Attention

The most crucial part of the yoni egg practice is learning how to focus your attention completely on the present moment. Very much like yoga or traditional Kung Fu, this practice is a moving meditation, and a way to sharpen awareness and raise your vibration level. It is important to practice turning your awareness inward, to focus wholly on the sensations you are feeling. By doing this regularly, you will learn how to let the outside world melt away. This is extremely hard to do for must of us, as our entire culture seems hell-bent on keeping us distracted and fleeting from one thought to another. Be patient. You might find that it only takes several seconds before your attention starts to drift. This does not mean that you are hopeless, so don't judge yourself. Silence your inner critic. It will make your practice much more effective if you do not think about whether or not the exercises are working. Assume that they are.

Visualize your yoni egg inside of you, moving in the direction that you wish it to go, and it will assist you in doing so. If you are new to meditation, this may be difficult at first. Do not judge yourself if you find your thoughts wandering. Simply return your attention to the practice, and pick up where you left off.

Rest and Relaxation

When performing the exercises, it is important that you learn how to both contract and relax your muscles. Similar to any exercise routine, it is important to give your muscles time to rest and recharge, which are one in the same. Between each set of contractions, relax your muscles completely. This will ensure that you remain flexible, supple, and it will prevent you from over-shortening your PC muscle.

Commit To Your Practice

We live in a very busy and erratic world, and it can be hard to find time to establish a consistent practice. Keep in mind that consistency is key. It is better to have short, regular practices than sporadic long ones. 

To see immediate results and continued improvement, it is recommended that you do about 150 yoni contractions every day. If you find that you have very weak muscles, it is a good idea to practice every day for twenty minutes until your condition has improved, and then continue a short daily practice to stay in shape.

If you have an extremely weak pelvic floor, or have never experienced orgasm, then you should do yourself a favor, and devote a substantial amount of time to a yoni egg practice. Make time in your schedule specifically for working on this, and you will find that the time will be made up in how much more effective you will become when you . You won't regret it.


Once you have a feel for the practice, you can start to really have some fun with it. One half of the practice is the physical act of contracting your muscles. The other half is raising and cultivating your sexual energy. It is so important that you learn to love this practice, and experience it in a highly sensual way. Practice in loose, clean clothes, or completely naked.  Make sure that you are feeling clean and fresh as well, as it will allow you to more fully enjoy yourself. It can be an especially incredible experience if you are able to incorporate many sensual elements. Try using soft blankets, essential oils, candles, and music that resonates on a high vibration. Make sure the room is at a comfortable temperature. Move sensually, coming fully into your body, allowing yourself to be uninhibited in expressing your own beauty.


Make sure that you know your intentions before you start this practice. This might actually be the most important step in preparing to begin working with a yoni egg. It is essential that your motivations must come from a place of love for yourself, first. If you find that you want to start a yoni egg in order that you might please your partner, because you are somehow deficient, you should make it a priority to examine and hopefully, change that intention. Practicing with the yoni egg works wonders for cultivating self love and a loving kindness that does much to tame our inner critic. As we feel more love for ourselves, our capacity to love others grows as well, and this habit of loving more is infectious. This is something that you will generate from yourself, and in order to do this, you have to first quiet the voices in your head that are critical. If you feel that you have not developed this capability for loving yourself, we suggest this making your focus. It is the foundation of the practice.