For over a millennia, women have been using the yoni egg as a way to strengthen, tone, and tighten their vaginal and pelvic floor muscles.The history of yoni eggs is largely unknown, but it generally agreed that they date back to ancient China. Some say the first women to practice with yoni eggs were concubines, creating superhero vaginas that controlled the mind of the emperor.

But mostly, the creation of the yoni egg practice is, and continues to be, a collaboration between women who are actively practicing. This process is creative. It is empowering. And if you begin to practice with a yoni egg, you too become part of this process, and a community of women who are working to take the shame out of enjoying our sexuality.

In recent years, "kegel exercises" have become popular with women in the West, after Dr. Kegel developed them as a way to treat urinary incontinence. He found that performing kegel exercises did more he inspected; in fact, the benefits of strengthening the pelvic floor muscles were innumerable.

Women who believed that they were incapable of orgasm found that they were wrong. Some even found that they were able to ejaculate, and others claimed that they were simply climaxing harder and more often. Sex lives that had lost their luster began to take on a new life, and the women who practiced kegels felt more in control in the bedroom. This inevitably lead to the women claiming that kegel exercises improved their love lives and relationships overall.

However, there is one tiny problem. Studies show that nearly half of women who attempt kegel exercises perform them incorrectly, which can actually weaken your pelvic floor muscles, and be counter-productive.

This is why the yoni egg is such an indispensable tool for women who are looking to improve their sexual health and increase their sexual pleasure. The egg acts as a guide, providing valuable feedback through its presence in the vaginal walls as to whether or not the exercises are being done correctly. When you insert the egg, you can feel it move inside you. Very quickly, you learns to control and manipulate it by contracting different muscle sets in and around the vagina.

As with any muscle or organ in our bodies, our pelvic floor muscles can become very weak if we don't use and exercise them. This results in a decrease in our sexual energy, a diminished libido, and less-than-amazing sex for both partners. It can result in problems that not only affect our bodies, but our relationships as well.

Finally, the yoni egg practice is a holistic one. It is impossible to change something physical in our bodies and not have it affect us mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. After practicing with a yoni egg, you might find that you are more confident, happier, and more comfortable in your skin. This is a typical side effect for any meditation practice.

Yes, you may begin to have transcendent and enlightening experiences if you choose to become a consistent practitioner, but results like these take a lot of work. Expecting them to happen overnight will only take the wind out of your sails. Take small steps, and remember to have fun.

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