This exercise stretches the back, neck and torso and relieves tension in the lower back. It also stimulated the sexual glands..

As a symbol of independence, strength, and beauty, the Tiger is exceptional in her prowess.. Her magnetism is such that no one can remain indifferent in her presence. Tiger energy teaches ferocity, passion, sensuality, and physical grounding. This exercise it meant to cultivate sexual energy that is both dynamic and playful.


Come onto all fours, with your knees under your hips and your feet hip­distance apart. You shoulders, elbows and wrists should all be in line.

Inhale, and squeeze your egg, lifting upwards. When you inhale, imagine that you are pulling up energy from the earth. Imagine that in your body you can contain as much energy as a tigress in the prime of her life. Feel all of this energy move through you and collect in your yoni egg. Feel your sit bones come together as you squeeze you egg. Pull your tailbone in towards your belly, round your spine towards the ceiling, and look at the floor between your knees. Imagine all the new energy in your body pulling your spine upwards, rounding it more and more, and hold it at the top of your exhale for a moment.

Exhale, and relax your PC muscles, releasing your egg. Gently arch your back, giving it a nice counter stretch, and look up towards the ceiling. Flow through these series of movements eleven more times before you fully relax.

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