Caution: Do not attempt this practice if you have acute back pain

This exercise strengthens the muscles and opens the spine.  

Lie on your belly, with your legs and feet close together and your chin resting on the floor. Your forehead should be on the floor, and your arms stretched out at your sides, as if you are flying. Straighten your legs out behind you as if they were one long tail, with your ankles and knees pressing and squeezing together. Inhale, and squeeze the yoni egg, lifting it upwards towards your cervix.

Simultaneously, lift your legs and knees up off the floor, stretching both up and back, while keeping your legs together. Continue to imagine your legs as one long tail, stretching back and up, while you push your chest and neck forward in opposite directions. Lift your head and look towards the ceiling. Hold this pose for 10 seconds, stretching both forward and backward while your egg anchors your pelvis to the ground. Exhale, and release your muscles. Relax completely.

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