This exercise tones the pelvic floor and the abdominal muscles. It also increases lubrication.

An ancient Chinese legend tells of a huge school of golden koi swimming up the Yellow River, attempting to find their way to the top of a mountain peak. For many days, they faught against the current, strong and unstoppable in their determination. When they arrived at a giant waterfall, most of the fish turned back the way they came. Some remaining koi persisted, diving down to the depths of the river and then leaping up in an attempt to reach the top of the waterfall.

For hundreds of years they jumped, unwilling to give up despite the local demons that heightened the waterfall out of malice. Finally, one koi victoriously reached the top of the waterfall. The gods rewarded this koi for his determination by transforming him into a golden dragon, a creature with limitless power and strength.

Koi are often depicted in Chinese art as two fish swimming around each other in a circle, as the yin yang sign. The yin yang symbol describes a perfect balance in the Universe of forces that are both opposing and complementary.The yin yang koi describe finding balance in achieving our goals. We imitate the koi in this exercise as way to train both our mental focus and physical control.

As with the yin yang koi, it is important to balance both the inward and outward movements of the yoni egg within our vaginal walls. Like the koi diving deep into the river so that they may jump ever higher and overtake the waterfall, it is important for masters of the Keggel practice to be able to control not only the inward (squeezing) and outward (pushing) motion of the yoni egg. This is also an exercise in patience. In life, as well as in this practice, it can take time to recognize and be rewarded for our hard work.


Inhale, and squeeze your keggel with your PC muscles, pulling it up towards your cervix. When you feel it there, continue to squeeze for three seconds. Then, exhale, and push your yoni egg down towards the opening of your vagina. Be careful not to push too far, and let it slip out. Control these movements with your breath and awareness. Repeat nine times.

Modified (Intermediate) Exercise:

As you become stronger, you have the option to draw the length of this exercise out, holding the egg for more seconds. Continue to increase the time you are holding the egg at the top until you have reached ten seconds.

In Kegel Kung Fu, we often use imagery and visualization as a way to advance in our practice. When you do this exercise, it may be helpful to think of the story mentioned above, and imitate the determined koi jumping out of the water, and then diving back down, deep into the depths of the river.

Before you inhale, gather the energy (or chi) from all parts of your body, as if you are bracing yourself to jump very, very high. When you inhale, imagine that you jumping out of the water in an explosion of energy. When you are continuing to squeeze the keggel at the top of your inhalation, imagine that you are the koi, straining at the height of her jump to get just a little closer to the top of the waterfall. When you exhale, imagine that you are gracefully plunging back down into the bottom of the river.

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