This exercise strengthens your muscles and narrows the walls of your vagina.

This exercise is a continuation of Boa Constrictor Part One. The purpose of part one was to cleanse your mind and body of negative energy, and warm up your PC muscles for the the rest of the exercises. The purpose of Part Two is to start cultivating and replenishing yourself with positive, light energy.

Continue to visualize the serpent wrapping around the egg, squeezing it tighter with each inhalation, and loosening its grip with each exhalation.

Technique: Inhale, and with slow, strong, controlled movements, contract your PC muscles as you count to three, squeezing your yoni egg and moving it upward. Feel your sit bones coming together as you contract your muscles. On the count of three, hold this grip firmly for another three seconds. Then exhale, and slowly release the muscles for another three counts, until you are fully relaxed. Repeat this exercise nine times. When you are done, bring your awareness back to your breath, feeling the new, warm energy circulating throughout your body.

Modified Exercise: As your lungs and your yoni grow stronger, you will be able to breathe slower and draw each inhalation/exhalation cycle out longer. Do not move beyond a point of comfort, but slow your counting and steady your movements as you progress. It does not matter if you can extend the cycle to ten seconds if you have no control. It is better to do only a few seconds with complete mindfulness.

For The Spirit (advanced): This exercise is a good time to start building positive energy. When you inhale, imagine that you are pulling in white light and pure positive energy into your body from your perenium (root chakra). Move the the energy up and around your spine. Imagine the snake wrapping around your spine and slithering upwards, until reaches the top of your head. On the exhale, feel the energy exit from the crown of your head and let it circle back down your frontside until it reaches your perenium.

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