This exercise activates and stretches the bladder and kidney meridian.

The Crane knows the power of silence, mindfulness and focused attention. She teaches us to be silent, alert and ready when opportunity presents itself, to use the power of silence to our advantage. She is fiercely protective of her young, often risking danger and even death in order to shield them from harm. She teaches us how to make use of every ounce of energy we have­ physical, mental, and spiritual. The Crane embodies ancient wisdom, feminine strength and the power of meditation.

When the crane sleeps, she folds into herself, oftentimes while standing. This pose is meant to imitate the grace of the crane, to lengthen our muscles in way that is gentle, and not forceful. Similar to yoga, the Art of Vaginal Kung Fu never forces, but allows. In this exercise, be graceful, allowing the energy to move through you and back into you with your breath as you both lengthen and strengthen your muscles.


Sit down directly on top of your tailbone, with your legs straight out in front of you.

Inhale, and stretch you arms high above your head, with you palms facing inward, as if you were holding a basketball. Simultaneously squeeze your egg, lifting upwards towards your cervix. Then, exhale, and with a straight spine lean forward from your hips.

Reach your hands as far as you can towards your toes while keeping a straight spine. Continue to squeeze your egg during this stretch, using it to anchor your pelvis to the floor while you simultaneously straighten and lengthen. With every inhale, straighten your spine more, and with every exhale, reach your hands closer to your feet.

Do not force any of these stretches. Breath deeply into your yoni, remembering to keep a calm, serene smile of acceptance on your face.

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