This exercise strengthens and lengthens your muscles, and narrows the vaginal walls.

The traditional Chinese Kung Fu Snake style incorporates slow and patient movements that imitate the snake, usually the Green Bamboo Viper or the Cobra. In the Keggel practice, we study the movements of the Boa Constrictor. When you do these exercises, imagine that your yoni is a Boa Constrictor, slowly tightening it's grip around your yoni egg.

Use your PC muscle to get a firm hold on your egg, contracting and moving it upward towards your cervix. Imagine the walls of your vagina getting narrower and tighter as you constrict your muscles around your egg.

Technique: Using only your PC muscles, hold onto your egg, increasing the intensity of your grip at a slow, steady pace as you count from one to three. Before releasing, squeeze your it as hard as you can. Then, slowly and completely relax the muscle. Repeat this exercise nine times.

Modified (advanced) Exercise: As you get stronger, increase the count until you are contracting your muscle for ten seconds.

For The Mind: This is the perfect move to start your practice, as it is excellent at relieving stress, and preparing the mind and spirit for a cleansing experience. When you inhale, and constrict your PC muscle, imagine that you are drawing the tension from all parts of your body, spirit and mind inward, squeezing it into a very small, very manageable ball. When you release your PC muscle, exhale forcefully, and expel all the dead, negative energy out of your body with your breath.

This can be an cathartic exercise for many women, as it releases stored up stress and suppressed emotions that have been hiding under the surface. By bringing them forward in the beginning of this practice, we are able to conquer them.

Make sure that if you complete Boa Constrictor Part 1, you follow it up with Boa Constrictor Part 2.

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