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Wild Woman Starter Kit: Tiger's Eye Yoni Egg

Wild Woman Starter Kit: Tiger's Eye Yoni Egg

♥ One Tiger's Eye Yoni Egg measuring  45 mm x 35 mm
- This size is suitable for most women.

♥ 10 yards of organic hemp cord 

♥ 10 ml of 100% natural organic French Lavender essential oil-
a luxurious addition for sterilizing the egg before/after use
 A handmade 24-page booklet to guide you in your practice

♥ A black satin bag made in the US 

♥ Stainless steel handmade Tibetan bead (and free-trade)

♥ Luxurious Gift Box 

Different size eggs can help you to gauge your progress as you get tighter and stronger. As you progress in your practice, you will be able to hold onto, control, and manipulate increasingly smaller sized eggs. 

But, if you just want to dip your toe in the water, the Starter Kits have everything you need. This beginner sized egg is suitable both all practitioners, a one size fits all. 

If you are interested in ordering a smaller or larger yoni egg to start out with, we are happy to make you a custom order. But this is size is perfect for just about everyone. 

The Tiger's Eye yoni egg is a favorite of yogis, as it resonates very strongly with the solar plexus chakra, and carries a wild feminine energy with it. It is know to have metaphysical properties that strengthen will-power, focus, determination, and confidence. Many Keggel customers claim that this stone has a pouncy, cat-like energy that makes them want to arch their back and MEOW!

Metaphysical Properties of Tiger's Eye:
     ♥ Focuses the mind
     ♥ Provides mental clarity 
     ♥ Awakens creativity
     ♥ Assists in resolving problems objectively, unclouded by emotions
     ♥ Heals psychosomatic illnesses, dispells fear and anxiety
     ♥ Useful for recognizing one’s own needs in relation to the needs of others
     ♥ Balances yin-yang (masculine and feminine energy) 
     ♥ Stabilizes mood swings
     ♥ Imbues us with willpower, purpose, courage and self-confidence
     ♥ Releases tension.

Use yoni eggs at your own risk. Yoni eggs are considered alternative medicine and should not be considered a replacement for seeing your doctor or getting professional medical treatment. 

If you want information to give to your gynecologist about yoni eggs, please refer them to, and not other yoni egg sites. 

This set of yoni eggs is for intimate use. No return is accepted for obvious reasons. 

You May Not Be Suitable for a Yoni Egg If:

You are more than six months pregnant.
Your vulva, vagina, or bladder is inflamed or infected.
You have had pelvic surgery in the last three months,
You have a myoma (uterine fibroid).
If you have recently given birth, wait at least six weeks after giving birth before you start your practice.

If you are in doubt about whether you should start practicing with a yoni egg, please consult a medical health professional.

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