January 24, 2017 Anna Judd

First thing's first. 

Practicing without the string does not mean your egg will get stuck, lost, or lodged. 

This is impossible.

It's not going to get sucked up into some secret passageway and end up in your uterus. It's not going to secure grappling hooks to your cervix and refuse to budge. It will always, always eventually come out

In the beginning (before you have developed your pelvic floor muscles), the egg may be a little stubborn. If this happens, all you have to do is squat and push. Think of a chicken laying an egg. (Sorry for that visual.) If that doesn't work, then laugh really hard, cough, or simply wait patiently for gravity to do it's job.

I've said it a thousand times, and I'll say it a thousand more:

If there was any conceivable way for a yoni egg to get "stuck", I would have discovered it by now. 

If you are worried about your ability to remove the egg sans string, practice pushing the egg out while you are still using the string. 

Practicing with the string has some benefits:

1. Quick retrieval. This is a bonus if you're going out in public and not sure how long you'll wanna wear it.

2. Added weight.
Following the legendary yoni egg practices of Kim Anami and Max Madame, you can hang weights from the string to maximize your practice. For weights, you can use anything. Just put some items in a bag with handles, then run the yoni egg string through it.  Insert the egg. Squeeze.  Easy. 

You'll be surprised what you can hold. My personal record? Four organic bananas, a bottle of Blue Moon, and a Juniper scented candle. 

3. Using the string to play Tug-O-War. Contract your PC muscles around your egg while you pull on the string for resistance training. This one exercise is an incredibly effective way to gain a better understanding of your own anatomy while tightening and toning. 

...And practicing without the string has benefits, too:

1. Seamlessness. While the string is sexy in it's own way, it can feel pretty nice when it's gone. This is especially true when you are using the yoni egg to practice yoga, run, or work out. The string can sometimes cause chafing on the sweaty, delicate skin around your lady bits when worn during high impact activities. 

2. Getting Down. As in, down and dirty. If you decide to try having sex with the yoni egg in, remove the string, as I doubt it will prove to be pleasureable for either partner with it attached. 

3. Using Multiple Eggs. Legend has it that once your pelvic floor gets really strong, and you become a master at the yoni egg practice, you will be able to insert multiple eggs and "twirl" them as they are inside you. Unless you're challenging yourself to braid the strings into a rope, I would remove them first. 

If you ever do this, I want your autograph. 

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