January 17, 2017 Anna Judd

The answer to this question is another question:

How brave are you?

Can you have sex with a yoni egg in? Absolutely.
Is it enjoyable? For some.
Do I promise that it's going to be enjoyable for you? No.
Is it going to hurt you? I hope not. 

I know--that answer doesn't exactly inspire confidence. Lucky for you, I have no qualms about using myself as a guinea pig for these sorts of things, and so I have my first hand experience to share. 

When I first heard that you could wear your yoni egg while having sex, I was hesitant. Things seemed a little crowded down there already. Also, after I thought about one egg in there, I thought about two (not sure what this says about me), and then I thought about six. And then I thought about clown cars. Not Sexy.

Still, I told myself that maybe, one day, I would try it. Maybe.

When that day came, I was presently surprised. It felt good. Really good.  I had previously imagined that the egg would get pushed all the way up into the vaginal canal and would just pound against my cervix over and over during sex. Not the case. 

The egg seemed to roll around, reaching spots that don't get much attention. Also, I imagined the stone was acting as a conduit for energy between my partner and I, as we seemed to be connecting more intensely than usual.

Also, some spooky stuff transpired too, which was probably a mix of coincidence and imagination and pure yoni magic.  I happened to be wearing the medium Tiger's Eye egg during this, and I felt like a tiger. Feisty. Totally confident. Focused. Present. Effing Incredible. It was freeing, exhilarating, ecstatic. My partner was blown away. 

Since then, I've used yoni eggs during sex many times, and it's always been a great experience. My favorite stone to use is the Lapis Lazuli, as it's a stone that has always been associated with self-expression. 

I've also asked my friends to experiment with using the egg during sex, and their reports back have been a mixed bag. Some swear by it, and some find it uncomfortable. One of my friends in particular told me it was painful for her.

I'm guessing there are a lot of contributing factors to one's enjoyment: anatomy, size of egg used, technique of partner, size of partner, sensitivity.  

If you are interested in trying this out, you should probably let your partner know whats up ahead of time. Tell him or her to go slowly, and feel it out together. Don't bust out the jackhammer at the starting gate. And, if you find you don't like it, then no sweat--it's not for you, and you can cross it off your bucket list. If you do like, well, you're welcome. :) 

And the million dollar question so many of you are asking yourselves right now-- what if it gets stuck? 

There is no way a yoni egg with get stuck. Ever. If there was any possible way to do this, I promise you, I would have done it by now. 
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  • Jasmine

    Jul 26, 2018

    I know that women use a tennis ball to make their pelvic base strong. But this kind of an egg exists, has actually surprised me.

  • Ana

    May 02, 2018

    The other night I introduced my egg after years of not doing it.

    I went to bed, forgot about it and then started having sex with my partner.

    It was particularly wonderful!!

    The next day, at mid day, I was reminded of my egg when it started to drop out.

    I just wanted to share that it was a delicious experience that I would have never planned on purpose; very glad it happened#

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