August 11, 2017 Anna Judd


First. Let's be real.

You can’t buy enlightenment. No material object can take the place of dedication, commitment, or a conscious change in your daily habits. And, while I highly recommend that women embarking on this journey purchase a yoni egg, as they can be a huge catalysts for physical and spiritual transformation for myself, nothing is truly needed outside of your body, breath, and attention.

That being said, here is a list of tools & materials I use regularly on my journey. I'll try to update this list as often as possible. If you have any recommendations for books, please message me!


1.  Notebook(s)Pens/Pencils

 Used for daily writing, journaling, etc.

I wouldn't buy a super fancy journal. Too much pressure. A spiral notebook that you don't feel bad writing utter nonsense in will do just fine.

2.  Cell phone (or Internet Connection) and Headphones-

 Used for guided meditations that you can easily find for free on Youtube.

3.  Yoni Egg(s)

Used for reconnecting to the body, activating kundalini, strengthening powers of mindfulness, and cultivating sexual energy.

4.  A Private Place

Somewhere sacred and private, where you can go to be alone, escape the demands inherent to life, and maintain an internal focus.  

5.  Books!!!

These are books that I’ve read that have helped me to understand yoni eggs, the chakra system, yoga philosophy, and reality.

Women Who Run With The Wolves

The Artist's Way

Wild Women, Wild Voices

Mother Night

Eastern Body, Western Mind

Wheels of Life

A Crack In The Cosmic Egg

Miracles of Mind

Light on Yoga

The Essential Rumi

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