August 11, 2017 Anna Judd


Even though my love affair with yoni eggs renders my opinion somewhat biased, the importance of yoni eggs as sacred objects is literally written in stone. 

Yes, I mean literally in the literal sense: 

Representations of the cosmic egg grace dusty hallways inside the great pyramids of Egypt and the run along the walls of crumbling monasteries in China. They can be found in early Christian oil paintings from the Byzantium period, brushed on early tattered manuscripts of the Rig Veda from India, and depicted in stone and wood and metal all throughout Europe, Africa, and Central America. The symbol of the egg is more pervasive than any other symbol in the world. More than the Christian (or Celtic) cross, or the wheel, or the star of David, or the even the smiley face.

The story of the cosmic egg can be found in every major culture and religion, dating back thousands of years, and is accepted as truth by many cosmologists and physicists today. The story of "The Cosmic Egg" is known as the most widespread, universal myth for creation, rebirth, and transformation.

The concept we know today as "The Big Bang" was originally proposed by Georges Lemaitre as the theory of the Cosmic Egg, and it tells the same story of creation that was proposed thousands of years ago.

In the story, the universe begins as nothing, just darkness and chaos. This darkness energy is compressed, becoming smaller and smaller until it is consolidated into the shape of the egg. The pressure mounts, a crack appears, the egg breaks open, and from it comes the birth of the cosmos, planets, humans, stuffed crust pizza, reality TV, and dwarf hamsters (to name a few).

While this myth/theory/story is fun, it isn't exactly useful in it's literal sense, even if it is literally true (as many modern cosmologists would fervently argue). As with most mythologies, the underlying metaphor is what can help us  gain greater understanding of ourselves and human nature as a whole.

As I understand and interpret the story of the Cosmic Egg, it seems to be a deeply human story about the process of self-actualization, or awakening to our true nature. 

This story begins quite similarly to the creation myth, in a place commonly referred to as deep, dark night of the soul, a state wherein one's conceptual framework for reality completely collapses. You realize that much of what you have believed about yourself, your identity, and the world is wrong, and you are left screaming "Who am I?" into a a giant nothingness. Basically, it's like finding out that Santa Claus doesn't exist. Or rather, it's like believing you're Santa Claus for thirty years, and then finding out that Santa Claus doesn't exist.

For many, this usually leads to a period of contemplation, self-inquiry, and questioning all of one's beliefs, an examination of everything in increasingly minute detail. Peering deeper and deeper into that abyss, our world becomes smaller and smaller until all that exists is the potentional for something new to be created. 

This is spiritual awakening, becoming the architect of your thoughts and beliefs, and consciously restructuring your conceptual framework from what you would like to see rather than what you have been told to see.

The egg has always represented the seed of the soul, and the potential for creation, but it also represents how infinitely small our  world becomes under the pressure of cultural conditioning. According to Dr. Joseph Chilton Pierce in his book "A Crack In The Cosmic Egg", the egg represents the circular trap of how we perceive reality. Our limitations effect how we see the world, and the world we perceive reinforces those limitations. Through a crack, or a hatching of this cosmic egg, the soul begins to awaken and imagination is allowed to become a part of daily life.

Likewise, yoni eggs have been used for thousands of years by women invested in the study of consciousness, creation, and illumination, are extremely powerful symbols of transformation. Symbolic of a seed, and the potential for rebirth, yoni eggs are "planted" near the root chakra, acting as a catalyst for awakening.

For women today, yoni eggs can be instrumental as tool for those who are looking to make a break from the damaging cultural beliefs that limit our potential to create the world that we want for ourselves, and for the planet. 

The woman who practices consistently with a yoni egg learns how to cultivate sexual energy, which is the same as creative energy, or chi, or life force, or prana. Through meditation, mindfulness, and following the yoni egg practice (which I have made available to you on this website), this seed is no longer constricted by the confines of it's shell and consciousness is able to flower. 

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