August 17, 2017 Anna Judd


Experiments in the Feminine Reality


Ten Minutes of Yoni Egg Contractions

Root Chakra Guided Meditation


Keeping the mind calm was easier. I didn't think about Frappuccinos even once, so I suppose that's progress. 


I have a lot of skeptical people in my life. 

You know. 


Literal, logical eggheads who need every concept to be proven, dissected, quantified, and formally approved by at least three scientific journals before they will consider it’s validity. They believe in black, and white, and hard factual evidence. 

Nothing wrong with these people. 

In fact, I cherish them. Their relentless skepticism forces me to thoroughly examine new ideas and beliefs from all angles before committing. And when I do commit, it feels rock solid.

Still, having an abstract conversation with one of these human pocket-protectors about philosophy or spirituality or art is like trying to to explain the nuances of the color spectrum to a block of wood. 

I spent the better part of my formative years trying to explain my pagan inclinations to my Mormon father, who regarded my penchant for all things mystical as serious pathology that needed one thing: more church.

Well, that didn't work. 

Down in my bones, I have always believed that the concept of God cannot be contained in language, but something that is felt, experienced. A beating heart, a bated breath, sudden understanding, comfort in deep madness, longing, new life, love. 

Still, after years of punitive conditioning, I still sometimes feel sheepish fostering a connection with soul, with spirit, with the earth. Because, connection with soul can't really be quantified or explained. I have often discounted my own experiences because those around me have tried to convince me that they are all in my head. 

Today, I made the mistake of sharing the concept for this diary with someone in my life who I knew would meet it with ridicule, and somehow I was still surprised by their derision. 

I really should have known better.  

I was reminded that in an infancy of project, one must nurture their newborn creation with all the ferocity of a paranoid mama bear. 


The yoni egg practice and meditation has been helping me to stay focused, and to feel more confident about my own experiences, and my own truth. As I’ve been getting better at turning down the mental chatter while I’m practicing, I’m finding that what others say means less to me as well. 

Anna Judd
Owner of Keggel, hopeless nomadic, performance artis
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