August 17, 2017 Anna Judd


Experiments in the Feminine Reality


Meditate with the yoni egg for thirty minutes. Set a timer. 


Definitely feeling some changes both physically and emotionally/spiritually. Increases in strength, stability. 


In California, if it rains for more than a few hours, freeways are littered with mangled, twisted metal, the line at Starbucks is twice as long, and women who rely on flat irons to achieve sleek, polished locks refuse to remove their hoodies until they’re safely indoors. (If you have curly hair, you get it.)

Here in Huatulco, the rain is relentless, a force to be reckoned with, coming down in buckets, soaking everything through and through. It hasn't let up for days. I’ve never thought of cement as being absorbent until now. The walls of my apartment building have started to crumble off onto the sidewalk below like soggy tiramisu. 

When my lover and I sailed into the harbor in Huatulco a couple months ago, the landscape looked pretty much like every other Mexican coastline we had encountered thus far—which is to say, thirsty. But, as the seasons change (from the dry season to the wet season), the parched hills have erupted into a lush jungle, teeming with life. The patchy mountainside-- looking a lot like the hairballs my cat, Little John, used to cough up on my bedspread—is starting to look like the movie set for Apocalypto.  

Because I'm obsessed with metaphors, it’s hard not to see this as a metaphor for spiritual growth and transformation, for my own creative development. To think of all the latent potential that might be awakened if only properly cared for and cultivated. 

I'm not going to lie. 

Parts of me definitely feel scorched, burned to blackness, beyond resuscitation. The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune have a way of leaving a woman somewhat weathered. But, perhaps buried just beneath charred earth, strong, healthy roots still thrive, waiting patiently for rain.

The work that I'm doing--the yoni egg practice, meditating, writing--is having an marked effect. I’m starting to notice a difference in the way that I move through the world. I’m calmer, and less likely to go on emotional benders that threaten to spiral out of control. I am moving slower, thinking slower, breathing.

Physically, I am definitely becoming more sensitive and stronger. Sometimes when I contract around the egg it sends a jolt of energy up my spine and makes me shiver, which is awesome. I am starting to be able to move the egg with greater ease. More than that, my body simply feels good. 


I'm not going to jump to any conclusions and say that meditating and practicing with the yoni egg is the cause of my quasi-elation today. But... I do feel pretty flipping happy. 

Anna Judd
Owner of Keggel, hopeless nomadic, performance artis
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