The Art of Being Free

Running With a Yoni Egg: Hold On For Dear Life

May 25, 2016 Anna Judd

Last night's run with the yoni egg was interesting, to say the least. I made sure that it was dark outside by the time I left, in case there happened to be any mishaps. I mean, you never know. Running can be difficult enough, much less running while you you are trying to grasp onto a heavy smooth stone with your vagina. Seriously. So, yes, I'm glad that I waited until I was under the cover of night, because I did, in fact, lose the egg after about two blocks. At first, I was feeling cocky about the run. "Ha!...

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When You Would Rather Run in Circles and Contemplate Your Existence Than Go To Yoga

September 03, 2015 Anna Judd

Hey Anna, I'm in a yoga funk. I have an unlimited monthly pass to an awesome studio 10 minutes from my house. They have classes at times I can definitely make (and used to!) at least 4x a week. But I'm experiencing yoga... apathy? I love the feeling I get when I go to class. I wake up and plan on going to class. I hit snooze, and tell myself that I'll go when I get home from work. I get home from work, and get wrapped up with something else, and then it turns into "I will go tomorrow",...

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Another Reason To Kegel Up: Cultivating Self-Love

May 20, 2015 Anna Judd

Above: The Black Dragon Fleet, set of three black obsidian yoni eggs. So dope! Yoni eggs really are magical. Some strange things are starting to happen, and I'm all for it. First, I feel an urge within me to be healthier. It's different than the voice that is usually there, the inner commandant that orders me to eat better, exercise more, try harder. This is more of a gentle but persistent desire that's resonating in me, simply to be better to my body. Instead of feeling forced or coerced by my inner critic, I want to do it out of...

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Kegel Up! Follow Your Bliss

May 19, 2015 Anna Judd

Last night, I continued with my yoni egg practice. I had a hard time getting into a mindful, meditative state, which is usually when I do my best work. My mind was wandering, and instead of fighting it, I just layed back and enjoyed it. In truth, I was thinking about dolphins. I have the cover for a National Geographic in my head, which reads "Thinking Like A Dolphin". I saw it in line when I was looking for I don't know what at the local thrift store. To this day, when my Dad asks me what I want to be when I...

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